Travel Program

WSA’s Travel Program is for boys and girls who are ready for a more competitive training and match experience. The growing program has doubled in size over the past five years and focuses strongly on player development. Placement on a travel team is determined by tryout. 

Teams play in the Baltimore Beltway Soccer League, Central Maryland Soccer League, and various tournaments. Tryouts are held annually in April and May. Check back regularly for more details. Feel free to email the age-appropriate coach directly with questions.

Girls Travel

Girls 2012/U8
Dannielle Midkiff – United

Girls 2011/U9
Tim Rogers – Thunder

Girls 2010/U10
Amy Page/ Brad Stickles – Storm

Girls 2009/U11
Dan Strine/ Warren Hook – United

Girls 2008/U12
Lisa Pennell – Thunder

Girls 2007/U13
Scott Schoberg – United

Girls 2006/U14
Shawn Taylor – United

Girls 2005/2004 U15/U16
Bill Warburton – United

Boys Travel

Boys Pre-Travel 2013/U8 Spring 2020
Bill Warburton

Boys 2012/U8
Chad Mathias – United

Boys 2011/U9
Jim Reigel – United

Boys 2010/U10
Adam Barnett/ Scott Smith/ Jason Rhodes – Knights
Ray Perkins – Sharks

Boys 2009/U11
Mike Johnson – Strikers
Chris Borcik – Gladiators

Boys 2008/U12
Dave Simmen – Cyclones
Steve Hayes – Warriors

Boys 2007/U13
Scott Schoberg – United
Tim Lewis – Galaxy

Boys 2006/U14
Seeking Coach/Players

Boys 2005/U15 Strikers
Frank Balteka – Strikers
Steve Hayes – Warriors