Field Status: WSA Fields are Open

Summer 3v3 League

3v3 Summer League – Starting the week of June 13th at Carroll Community College!!

Early Bird Discount! Sign-up by June 6th – $60/player (includes reversible pinnie)

WSA is now offering a summer 3v3 league for boys and girls. We will have age groups from 2008 to 2015. We are offering competitive and recreational skill levels, so there is something for everyone! Open to players from other clubs and programs! REGISTER HERE!

We launched this program last year (summer of 2021) and had 4 age groups participate. Given the success and fun we had last year, we are expanding our program this year!

We feel that 3v3 helps emphasize development of the technical skills needed to play possession-style soccer. Receiving, passing, quick decisions, moves, combination play, tackling, moving to space, and more. 

Summer 2021

Cost: $60/person – Includes 2 games per week with referees, and a high-quality reversible pinnie! 

Teams: 4-5 person teams – You can form your own, or we will assign a team for you.

Format: Small field (40×25 yards) with 4’x8’ goals. 3 players versus 3 players with no goalies.

Events: Weeknights at Carroll Community College. Schedule will include up to 10 matches and will be 20 mins. Full rules here

Proposed Schedule

Vacation plans? Of course, it’s summer! One of the reasons for 4-5 person teams. Also, we will have chances to reschedule.

Questions? Email: [email protected]


Will the league be co-ed? Teams can enter co-ed for either competition level. We’ll send out more information once we are complete sign-ups.

What time will games start? Games will start later in the weekday evenings due to the summer heat. Games will start no earlier than 6:30pm.

Will teams have a coach? We will request each team to designate at least one parent to handle substitutions. The rest, we let them play!

Will there be referees? Yes, we will have WSA referees officiating. One referee per field. What they say goes!

What happens the last week? Last year we did a tournament bracket and The Cow was there to provide refreshing ice cream!